Brock Botanical Garden Tour
July 30, 2016

Tickets are set at $15 each or two for $25. The tour runs from 10am to 3pm.  Watch this page for ticket information and pictutres of the gardens. 

Tickets will be available to purchase on the day of tour at the following gardens:
MacLeod Park garden on Peace Street, Gerry Green's garden and Barb Meyer's garden.

There will be a planter with a trio of perennials on view at one of the gardens. Watch for it and be sure and enter your name in the draw for the planter at that garden.

Read the article on the Martin Garden that appeared in Canadian Gardening. (Access to this article has been ended. Sorry.)


Garden Location    
Barb and Joe Martin 1225 Regional Rd 23, Beaverton                        
Covering a hectare of ground, this stunning Lake Simcoe area garden has been featured in Canadian Gardening magazine. A large 3-tiered water feature centres this exquisite, fully hedged property while additional water features packed with lily and lotus are scattered amongst multiple areas. The glorious Rose garden leads to the abundance of the Cutting garden providing annual and perennial blooms. A delicate Tranquil garden stimulates contemplation of the dozens of varieties on show and a Medicine Wheel planting of herbs and native species is a unique opportunity to think about gardens in new (or old) ways. All this beauty, plus a view out over the lake. Roadside parking
Marilyn and Dean Beatty                                             C1510 Conc.14 Cannington                                    
This expansive garden starts on a hilltop and after circling the house plunges down a steep bank to a bucolic winding stream. Studded with intimate seating areas inviting rest the main gardens feature stunning architectural plants with dramatic perennials. A classic Knot garden provides a focal point for the rear patio with gravel paths among showcase plants. Across the lawns find steps down a massive Rock garden, hand constructed with local stone from the property. The riverside features native plants on the bank and a hosta-packed Woodland garden. There’s some new treasure round every turn. Driveway and road-side parking.
Mary Lee and Jim Tully 11 Alison Crescent, Cannington    
This colourful, low-maintenance garden makes the most of its ‘suburban’ location. Situated on a quiet cul-de-sac, the wedge-shaped plot has several mature trees. The delightful garden is totally integrated with neighbouring yards providing a spacious and seamless botanical expanse. Golden leaved plants are a specialty and shimmer in the sun. Scents waft up from flowers and leaves as you pass. Variegated silver plants, white flowers and ground cover lighten the shade and north sides. Perfect, tiny Mouse Ears peek out inviting us to look closer at the beauty of nature. Limited street parking on cul-de-sac
Monique and Carl Bonk 73 Cameron St. W., Cannington    
The modern urban garden. Garden styles change and this bijoux frontof-house space perfectly exemplifies the 21st century trend. Unsustainable lawn is banished; environmental concepts, dense companion planting, successive harvests and heavy mulching means minimal watering and maximum looks and return. Easy maintenance respects busy lifestyles and family. Newly created, this sustainable, organic, city-scape combines beauty and function, looks and needs, flower and vegetable. Street parking.
Maple Tree Community Garden end of Albert St. South, Cannington    
The 100% organic, Maple Tree Community Garden has become more than a place to grow food. Stone edged perennial beds spill out all over, blurring plots and creating shade and pollinator habitat. Artistic structures and gleanings add to group plots and are shared amongst members with beautiful, sometimes unexpected results. Day care and school-age children have a blast on their first adventures in gardening and the thrill of a harvest. A newly planted fruit orchard looks to a sustainable, food secure future for generations to come. Lots of street, some driveway parking
McLeod Park and Nature Trail Peace St., Cannington
Since 1976 our Society has helped maintain the Nature Trail and several ‘gardens’ at the north-east of McLeod Park. The Hillside garden welcomes visitors with a cast of all-season perennials and shrubs. Atop the hill, the new Rose Cowan Memorial Rose garden invites us to ‘stop and smell the roses’ on the wooden bench. Along the low slope is the covered Kiosk with the Donor’s floor and dense plantings of native grasses. For 2016 a Pollinator garden is being created in front of the Historical Museum. Entry to the 2.5 km Beaver River Nature Trail through indigenous woodlands and meadow is just west of the Kiosk. Parking in Cannington arena lot, north east corner.
Terry and Kathy Grills–Grills Water Garden 2135 Conc 11 Cannington  
Ponds, water features and moisture loving plants completely surround this traditional Victorian farmhouse. Entering along a shaded garden studded with stained glass lighting the planting reaches depths of several metres with secluded viewing spots and paths. Papyrus, grasses, sedges and rushes inhabit the marshland garden, look closely at the diversity of species. The rear garden features a large water pond, fish glinting as they dart between the lily and lotus blossoms. Koi and rare plants are housed in greenhouses for the commercial water garden business. Driveway and road parking
Barb and Paul Meyers  635 Conc. 11, Cannington    
A winding maple-lined drive leads to this glorious open view garden. What was a fallow field 17 yrs ago is now a pollinator’s heaven beginning with a flagstone paved, creeping thyme patio encircling the house with fragrance. The front lawn features specimen trees and a 30m long formal bed packed with nectar filled plants for the bees and butterflies. Tucked at the edge of the pine forest trail are the chicken coop and apiary, (screened for protection). Strolling the forest trail, native woodland plants are featured bringing you out at the vegetable garden on the rear lawns. This environmentally sensitive ‘Homestead’ garden bursts with love and attention in harmony with nature. Laneway and yard parking.
Mary and Gerry Green 20405 Sideroad 17, Cannington  
Simple cedar rail fencing understates this sweeping series of gardens. Beautiful outbuildings form a backdrop for the sunken rear garden. Lined on four sides with wide beds of stunning, mature perennials and naturalized with plants from the old farm garden. Stairs lead up to extensive wooden decking surrounding a multi-tiered water element. Featuring cascades and waterfalls, exotic and native water plants complement the trickling sound-scape. Across the drive an old horse paddock is now an Arboretum with a variety of specimen trees just reaching maturity. Bountiful ground covers in oval beds allow the eye to enjoy the trees ‘perfect form’ at leisure. Laneway parking